Vestoj Journal Issues 7: On Masculinities

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Vestoj is a forum where academia, the museum world and the fashion industry can work together and with active communication. Vestoj write about the cultural phenomenon that is fashion in a manner that opens up for dialogue between theory and practice in order to raise awareness for fashion as a cultural phenomena and field of research and cultivate an even greater understanding for the discipline. Vestoj will exist outside of seasonally-based trends and news-focused articles. Instead they aim to encourage and champion the critical and independent voice within fashion as well as absolute creative freedom. In order to ensure that they remain free in thought and action Vestoj has no advertising. Vestoj focuses solely on sartorial matters, bringing together academia and industry in a bid to combine academic theory, critical thinking and a bit of good old fashioned glamour. 

Texts by: 
Jo Barraclough Paoletti, Victor Rios, Patrick Lopez-Aguado, Johannes Lenhard, Sean Trainor, Annebella Pollen, Christina Moon, Shaun Cole, Thomas Page McBee, Claire Marie Healy, S.G Goodrich, Christopher Breward, Vince Aletti, Alice Hines 

Interviews by: 
Anja Aronowsky Cronberg 

Fiction by: 
Mark Twain, Sloan Wilson, Nate DiMeo 

Visuals by: 
Jason Fulford, JeongMee Yoon, Camilo José Vergara, Titus Simoens, Karen Knorr, Wolfgang Tillmans, Scheltens & Abbenes, Bob Mizer, Pawel Jaszczuk 

Design by: 
Studio Blanco